LEA is an intelligent, rule-based, interactive agent that maximizes the benefits of human-computer interaction in task-oriented environments

LEA allows the user to use natural speech and gestures for natural interaction

LEA provides highly interactive, situation aware, expert process knowledge that can significantly improve user productivity and allow a more natural and effective interface

LEA collaboration framework enables control of multiple remote or local entities and provides effective collaboration between multiple users and synthetic entities

LEA provides a new concept in automated course development for interactive web-based learning. LEA can work as both a course development agent and an intelligent instructor.

  • Hierarchical rule-based Natural Language Interface that is able to provide high word/phrase recognition accuracy rate (over 98%)
  • Learning capability
  • Knowledge base and reasoning capability
  • Provides interactive expert suggestions to the user
  • Uses process knowledge to intelligently assist, tutor, guide and supervise the user while performing process steps in task-oriented environments
  • Effective collaboration framework
  • Ability to understand user gestures
  • LEA is easily integrated with third party humanoid models
  • Synchronized humonoid gestures and emotions that allow natural interaction as close as possible to a human instructor
  • Optional web browser plug-in for fully web-enabled intelligent agent

An aerospace application that uses IVRESS, IVRESS/CFD, and IVRESS/agent as featured on the cover of AEROSPACE AMERICA October 2002 Issue